Podcast day

This morning, I made sausage & blueberry muffins (from a mix). Tasty.

We recorded Sordid Tales: The Podcast today and the guest was Peter Mehlman, the Emmy-nominated writer of Seinfeld. He wrote such episodes as The Yada Yada, The Implant (double dipping), and The Hamptons (shrinkage), among others. He also used to work with Howard Cosell. He had some awesome stories. He released a book this year called Mandela Was Late. He was entertaining & it seemed like he had fun. It should be released on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The show last night went great. It was a great setting & there were some people who had never seen them who became new fans.

Sundays are tough, especially when the weather is so great because you know that tomorrow it’s back to work.

Well, the month is over & I only missed 2 days! Pretty proud of myself!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Nice going on the writing every day! I enjoyed reading about your day-to-day stuff 🙂

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