Weekend over

Fleetwood Mac gave an incredible performance. Some of my favorites of the night were Sara, Lookin Out For Love, and Silver Springs. They also talked a lot & told some great stories. It was awesome to see them. I almost got a shirt but the $45 price tag made me pass. Here’s a link to photos and the set list of the show by a local photographer, John Hancock: http://socalconcertphotos.com/2013/07/06/fleetwood-mac/.

In tennis news, the women’s champion is the Frenchwoman, Marion Bartoli. she beat Sabine Lisicki, who had beaten Serena & Radwanska to get there. She was the favorite, too, although she was seeded lower, but she had run out of gas by the time the final came around. I was glad for Bartoli, she was in utter disbelief.

The men’s champion is Andy Murray, the first UK winner since 1936. Novak Djokovic was his opponent. It was a tough match but Andy prevailed. Novak was so awesome in his conciliatory speech; it made me like him all the more. I like Andy, too, so I just liked watching them play.

Our 4th of July was fun, save a terrible hour I spent at Home Depot. In the morning, we went up to Crest for a truly Americana experience: close-knit community parade, live music, etc. That evening, friends came over & we ate & drank & watched fireworks. It was a good time.

So it looks like I’m writing every other day. So far so good!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out to my Fleetwood Mac photos. Appreciate it.

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