today I wore a dress

It may not seem like a big deal, but for me it kind of is. I almost changed my mind because this morning, looking at reflections of myself, I kind of felt like a whale. But when I got back from getting coffee, Han said I looked nice and that was enough to make me go for it. Also, I was thinking about my last post and my own perceptions of beauty.

My true body doesn’t reflect my perception of my body and that is a tough thing to deal with. It may usually work the other way around, where you think  you’re heavier than you are, but I go around thinking I’m lighter than I am so that when I see myself, I’m kind of taken aback. I could definitely stand to lose some weight, there’s no question about that. And while I try to watch what I eat, my exercise levels are pretty inconsistent and lately, mostly non-existent. I tend to go in waves.

Yesterday at work, we got some great news. Since I refrain from talking about work, I’ll write in generalities, but it was a HUGE decision that went our way and relieved A LOT of people. But I must say that work has been stressful. The new boss, who I like a lot, is way more involved with what’s happening so I’m being challenged more than ever. That’s good, but it’s taxing. To be in a creative position is difficult because sometimes your spark just isn’t sparking, know what I mean?

I went to see Han play tonight. He was really good and there was a nice crowd. Tomorrow night, I’m going to check out a different poetry reading in Old Town which should be fun. Then Saturday night there’s a house concert but in the morning I get to go to acupuncture! It was supposed to be last week, but she had to reschedule. I sorely missed it and am really looking forward to it.


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