Pride, OTL, acupuncture, and feeling off/odd

It’s quite a busy couple weeks here in America’s Finest City. This weekend are two major events: Pride and OTL. Pride, of course, means Gay Pride. There’s a parade and a festival and TONS of people out and about in Hillcrest. It’s so cool to see it. I had acupuncture this morning and took a drive down 5th Ave in Hillcrest just to get a sense of it. People are way into it, and with the recent Supreme Court ruling, there’s an even more joyous feeling.

OTL means Over the Line, a bat & ball sport that was invented right here in Mission Beach. It happens over on Fiesta Island and is incredibly popular. Known for its bawdiness and alcohol-infused fun, it’s a pretty good time, whether you’re playing or just going for the spectacle. I didn’t drive over there today. I’ve been once, years ago, and that was good for me.

Then on Wednesday, it’s opening day at Del Mar Race Track. If my sister were here, we’d go, maybe not opening day, but at least to the races. She loves horseracing.

Then, next weekend, it’s Comic-Con, the end-all be-all for comic book geeks and freaks from around the world that has evolved into a major celebrity-filled, costume-riffic extravaganza. I’ve never been. Tickets are next to impossible to get, but we might drive around downtown to see some of the flamboyance.

As I mentioned, I had acupuncture today. She worked on my back. As soon as she left the room, I started crying. Not from pain or anything, just the needles were placed in such a way, I guess, that it was really affecting me. I finally calmed down. She came in a couple times, and when it was over and she told me to take my time getting up, I did, but I cried again, and felt almost weightless and slightly dizzy. I don’t think I looked quite right because she asked if I was okay. I didn’t know how to explain it and didn’t want to burst into tears again, so I quietly wrapped up and went to the car. Again, crying. I don’t know what it is. I calmed down and drove to get some lunch to take home for me and Han. It felt good to eat (I hadn’t had anything up to that point which may have had something to do with it). After I ate, I felt a little better, but there’s just something off.

I told Han that it feels like there’s an emptiness, a hole in the center of my chest that I am constantly on the edge of falling into. I know that makes no sense. I laid down for a little while, but my breathing was a little erratic. I got up as he was getting ready to leave for his gig. He said I was acting like I was on drugs. I agreed, but assured him that I’m not. I laid down again. Now I’ve been watching TV and playing games on my phone. I obviously have stayed home from the Acoustic Duo gig. I think I should go get some dinner or something. My head is a little clearer. My acupuncturist actually texted to check in on me. I responded that I feel drained, but I haven’t heard back from her.

I don’t want anyone to be alarmed. My breathing is fine now, and I actually feel silly for how I reacted, but it was real.

Meanwhile, it is summer in full swing here, and that’s a beautiful thing.


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