looking forward to fall

It’s still been hot around these parts, per usual. But we are officially one week from the beginning of fall, and I’m looking forward to the new season. This morning was extremely gorgeous. Sunny and cool. Yesterday, it was foggy and when it burned off, it was hot. I was volunteering with work, and I chose to help clean up a large canyon near Balboa Park. They gave us one of those pickers and a bag. It was surprisingly pretty clean already, but I still found some stuff. One of the rangers told us that if we found a homeless camp and they weren’t there to take their stuff. Um, no. I did find a pillow, blanket, and tarp, and left it right where it was. That person is having a hard enough time, they at least need to have a pillow! I was smart for once and took my iPod, so I was happily listening to music as I walked the trail. My calves are hurting a bit today (that canyon is steep), but it was a great way to spend the morning.

Last night, the Acoustic Duo had a house concert that went really well. I stayed home and talked to my parents on the phone and fell asleep on the couch 🙂 Today, I went to the grocery store (good news, my local Fresh & Easy is staying open and is staying a Fresh & Easy!). Han & I hung out some, then I made some Italian sausage meatballs and had football on. He left a little later in the afternoon and I watched reality shows I don’t dare admit to watching and later made dinner.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 2 weeks since my dear sister was here. Well, actually we were still in LM 2 weeks ago. We had a great visit. She wrote about our wonderful Tuesday here. But it was all good (she wrote about the whole time, but Tuesday was a supreme day). I picked her up on Friday and promptly whisked us to Ocean Beach where we dined on the patio at Shades. I had crab cakes with a side of asparagus. She had fish & chips also with asparagus. We also had a couple tasty beers. After that, we went to Extraordinary Desserts to get some cake slices to take up to our folks. Then we headed to LM. There we quickly, easily, slipped into a comfort that is only possible at Mom & Dad’s house. It’s awesome. Even if me, Mom & Sandy are playing independently on our phones and Dad’s watching TV or petting the dog, we’re all there together. There’s no judgment, we’re just happy to be there. Comfort is the best way to describe it.

On Saturday, Sandy & I took Dad to dialysis, stopped for donuts and went home. For lunch, it was El Cholo. I had the filet mignon tacos which Sandy swears by and she was right. They were delicious. After lunch, we hung at home for a bit until it was time to get Dad. After that, Sandy & I went to the grocery store. For dinner that night, it was a simple ham & cheese sandwich on toasted rosemary bread with salad and potato chips. Yum!

Sunday means big breakfast: waffles & bacon. Plus bellinis! We didn’t have much on the schedule that day that I can recall. The US Open was on so I was watching that. For linner, we had barbecued steak, potatoes, green beans, & garlic mayo. So delicious. I know that I always end up talking about food when I talk about going up to LM, but that’s kind of the social event 🙂

On Monday, Sandy & I went to Polly’s to get cinnamon rolls. Oh my god, these are the perfect cinnamon rolls: big, soft, full of frosting. Yum. I should mention other things we did: we hung out outside in the cool mornings and evenings, played with Lulu, watched the US Open, chatted, and basically enjoyed each other’s company. It was the original Wanns 🙂

Monday afternoon, Sandy & I hit the road. I decided to go down the coast. Although it was foggy most of the way, she was still able to get some good photos, plus the sound and smell of the ocean is never bad. By the time we got to my house, the party was in full swing! Han had gone to our local meat market and created a feast. Calman & Becky and Cathryn & Jonny were here already and all was well. There were drinks and great food, good friends, and my sister! After the food, it was time for Han & Cathryn to do their radio show. Sandy & I listened in for a bit. She liked seeing how it all came together. Then it was time to take her to her hotel, a Holiday Inn Express that’s close by my house.

On Tuesday, I picked her up and brought her back to my house. We’d decided to have lunch and go to a movie. I know, pretty basic stuff, but it was the company that made it special. First she got to meet Flan, who was here at the house to work on his record. Then we headed back up the coast to Del Mar and the lovely little Las Olas Mexican restaurant. Super delicious. We had margaritas, chips & salsa, and some amazing food. I had chicken & sour cream enchiladas. She had a combo with pork, beef, and chicken. After a leisurely lunch, we crossed the street and were on the beach. Yep! We walked down to the water and dipped our feet in. It was cold to start but you got used to it. We chatted about various things. It was awesome. Then we went to the movie. But not just any regular cinema. We went to Cinepolis. Reclining leather seats, wait service if you want it, fancy food and drinks. Well worth the additional cost. We saw “Blue Jasmine.” I liked it, mostly because Cate Blanchett was riveting. After the movie, we stopped at Champagne Bakery for a little treat. It shouldn’t get much better than that, but it does. We went back to my house and drank a beer in my backyard. The temp had cooled a bit and it was perfect. Then it was time to go to the ballgame! Giants vs. Padres, field level seats on the third base side. AND after the 7th inning stretch as they played “Twist and Shout,” there were our grinning mugs up on the Jumbotron as we boogied. Too much! After the game (Padres win!), we stopped at Lolita’s to say hi to Coach Kentera and Randy Jones while they did the post-game show. Such a remarkable day. I took her back to her hotel after that and we sadly said goodbye, though I’m proud to say that neither of us cried, though I was pretty darn close. I love my ta-ta!

Then it was back to work 😦 Nothing much to report on there. Han left for a couple dates in the midwest on Friday so I had the weekend to myself. I went to acupuncture on Saturday and that was about the extent of my outings. I don’t really recall much else, other than cleaning up around the house, watching US Open, buying some curtains (which we’re changing out). He got back on Monday. Then the work week, and now we’re here! And now it’s time for bed!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Awesome recap!

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