volunteer training day

I went in early today so I could leave early. I made my way through the beautiful coastal inlands to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. I met with Erica who showed me what I would need to do when I come in to volunteer. It’s basic tracking of what I’m doing, but then we went to the cattery (as they call it). There were 5 cats being boarded. Two from the same house, Mama and Molly. Mama was not interested in anything, but Molly was all love. Then there was Harry, not interested, Snert, mostly uninterested, and Malachai, who was interested in getting some love. This gig is going to be sweet. I am there to give the cats whatever services their humans asked for (TLC, feather time, or bubbles). But with cats there’s a lot of leeway because there just isn’t as many as there are dogs, and their activities are not that different (dogs’ cuddle time and walk time are pretty different). So I can go in to the cattery and basically take 15 minutes to hang out with each cat, even if they’ve already had all their ‘services’ for the day.They also said that a lot of the pets come back again and again so you can get to know them. The schedule I’ve set to start is every Monday from 4-6 pm. Yay!

For dinner, I made chicken broccoli divan, a basic casserole dish, but tasty enough.

Two days to the big show. Got some good press, and the word is that they’re opening up the orchestra pit at a price to bring in more people. Han went to a rehearsal last night and said it was ridiculously good. Fun.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mamacita says:

    The cattery! that’s a cute name. I think you will enjoy it and so will the cats.
    Keep us posted on how it goes 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    I think that you have struck gold with the volunteer gig! How fun to play with the pets!

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