volunteer day 1

I took today off as a lead up to my birthday day off tomorrow 🙂

I got coffee and sat in the backyard for a while, playing on my phone. Later I went to the grocery store. Gosh, it’s so much less crowded on weekdays! The things you miss when you work! I picked up lunch for me & Han at Panera. Yum! I had the fontina grilled cheese. Then I put away the groceries and did a little bit of personal email catch-up (don’t even get me started on how many work emails I have!)

Then it was just about time to head to the Animal Center. I walked in like I owned the place and went straight to the cattery. There were 5 cats. Mama, Molly, and Harri were there and they had been there when I went to training. Molly, who had been such a love when I went for training, was now sick and volunteers were not allowed to handle her 😦 I started with Harri. One of those cats with a smushed in face. Fairly nice, but more interested in roaming than cuddling. After 15 minutes, I moved to Mama. She was in her little ‘igloo.’ I reached in and started petting her. She became a happy kitty, just purring away. When I finished and closed up her cage, she actually got out of the igloo and meowed! The gal who trained me led me to believe she pretty much stayed in that thing! I moved on to Blacky. His credentials said he was an ‘escape artist,’ but he seemed pretty mellow. I petted him in the cage. He wasn’t interested in coming out. Blacky’s humans have another cat in there too, Kitty, but Kitty had dental work today and was pretty crashed out. So I went back to Harri. I took him into the playroom and he climbed over everything. Then it was back to Mama. She was still out of her igloo, and when I opened the cage and sat on the floor in front of it, she came out and butted her head into my hands. So sweet. I ended up with  her for about 25 minutes. After I put her back, another woman came in and said that they were closing and they like for the volunteers to leave around 5:30 pm. So I petted Blacky for a few more minutes and that was it! I did tell the girl, Amanda, that Mama had come out of her cage, and she seemed really surprised and said that she hadn’t done that since she’d been there. Maybe I’m a cat whisperer!

Now I’m home and I made a meatloaf. I’ll make some (instant) mashed potatoes and a salad to go with it. Yum.

Han got audio from the big show. I heard some of it when I got home. It sounds great! Not sure what he’ll do with it, but it’s great to have!

Tomorrow, another trip around the sun begins for me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Cat whisperer!

  2. mamacita says:

    sounds cute 🙂

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