The weather today was so lovely. No coat and Birks. Gotta love SD!

I got up fairly early for a Sunday and went to the grocery store. I got back and put everything away, then headed north to meet Heather for lunch at Miguel’s. It was great to see her as predicted. She’s an assistant principal now at the high school where she had been a teacher for the past 18 years. Her oldest boy will be 12 in January and her other son is 9 already. How does that work? Like Sandy said, we’re the same but the kids get older!

We had a very nice lunch, and then we strolled around World Market for a while. After that, I came home and really didn’t do much of anything. I was going to make meatballs, but the meat had gone bad. I had defrosted it yesterday, but it was not good. Bummer.

About an hour ago, I was thinking it must be time to get ready for bed, but it was only 7 pm. Oy!


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  1. Sandy says:

    I’ve had nights like that, when I think it’s bedtime but it’s only 8:00. I usually think, “I can’t go to bed now, it’s only 8,” but I’m so tired. Then I stay up until 11 and I’m exhausted the next day 😦

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