a Monday

After the holiday, you’d think that things at work might mellow a bit. Not so for me. We have a big deadline on Wednesday, a big event next week, multiple projects ramping up, yearly reviews to do, oh yeah, and one of my employees gave his notice today.


He’s great, and I’m going to miss him. His wife got a great job in another state so they’re packing up & moving to the Midwest over the holidays. I wish him well, but this blows.

An hour and a half in the cattery took my mind off things for a while. A couple of the new cats that had just come in last week were still there & were more well adjusted this week. My favs were Chewy & Parker. There was also an almost 20 year old cat named Cinnie. That is an old cat! Also Sassy, who is about 13, and had so much fur! Parker gets out tomorrow but all the others will be there next week.

Tonight, Han had a writing session so I just chilled. Made some dinner (horseshoes, which is just Mac & cheese with ground beef, I also added some green beans & zucchini), worked on some poetry stuff & watched recorded episodes of Friends. I can’t seem to tire of that show.


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  1. Sandy says:

    It’s such a bummer when someone you like and value at work moves on. Also, I did not know that mac & cheese & ground beef had a name. I learned something today!

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