it goes on

Today at work was about letting my team know that we were losing someone, asking them to take on more until we hire someone else, and trying to figure out how that’s going to happen. Everyone was great about it, and I’m sure everything will work out, but still. Gah!

So after a long day at work, I came home in traffic (there was actual water falling from the sky!) and hung with Han for a little bit before he had to go back in to record some guitar. Then I made cashew chicken. And it was good. I had time so I made sure I prepped all the veggies first and just had everything ready to go like they do on the cooking shows. Now suddenly, it’s after 10 pm, and I’m thinking it’s time to get ready for bed. Maybe I’ll read a little bit.

There are some household things I should probably do, and then there’s the matter of holiday shopping, and prepping for my reading next week, but like I said, it’s after 10 and I just can’t go there tonight.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Those household things can wait. Get your rest!

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