first weekend of 2014

Friday night. Han was in a session, and I watched whatever was on HGTV or the DVR. I didn’t feel like cooking (although I did cook this week: Chicken Lizzie on Sunday, homemade sloppy joe’s on Monday, open-faced roast beef sandwiches for lunch on New Year’s Day and chicken gumbo that night!), so we ended up having Five Guys. To avoid their sesame seed bun, I had my burger with two bottom slices. It was still yummy.

Saturday, I got up around 8 am and got sucked into a new show on the Food Network called The Kitchen. It’s their version of The Chew. I like Jeff Morrow (The Sandwich King). I don’t know if I’ll make any efforts to watch it, but if it’s on, I probably will. Then I went to acupuncture. Heavenly. I really was in a very relaxed state. She worked on my belly and digestive issues a bunch; she also suggested some ‘green food’ to take in the form of liquid chlorophyll to help soothe my stuff. After my treatment, I went to the bank, the grocery store, attempted Target but it was crazy, then went to Sprouts to see what this liquid chlorophyll is all about. I didn’t get any yet because I wasn’t sure what to get. I texted her and she responded so maybe today (Sunday). At the grocery store, I did buy a couple juices, one with probiotics for better digestive health and the other with fiber. Both things are supposed to help me.

I just realized that I had failed to mention my diverticulitis attack in March of last year. I’ve gone back to edit my yearly recap post to add it in. That means I had two attacks last year. That can’t be good.

Anyway, after I came home, I had thought I would get to working on my office area to try to improve on its organization. I didn’t. I watched TV, played iPhone games, and lamented my lack of motivation. When Han’s clients left, I went to get us some lunch. It was around 3 pm. I got us sandwiches from a local deli that we both really like. The sandwiches were tasty; we both commented on them, but afterward, we both felt like we’d been given sleeping pills and we both had upset stomachs. We both lay down for a while, I think I actually fell asleep for a bit. We watched football (those were some great games!), and relaxed some. Han then went back to work around 6 pm. I was still feeling very meh. I don’t know if it was the acupuncture, the probiotic drink, the sandwich, or the combination of the three, but I was no good to anyone. I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean, I didn’t do anything but watch “Hook.”

This next observation may sound strange, but I wonder if part of my lack of motivation, at least before lunch, was from not changing out of my yoga pants. I wore them to acupuncture, and I also sleep in them. I kept them on throughout the day, and I think that, subconsciously, made me feel less productive. Do you agree? Today, I’ll put on jeans and see how I do.

Today, I want to go to the grocery store. There’s also the Chargers playoff game. I don’t have high hopes for them, but you never know. The fact that they’re in the playoffs is kind of a miracle in itself so who knows? Go Bolts!


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  1. mamacita says:

    You’ve also changed your background, nice! 🙂

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