Tuesday night

My weekend ended up being pretty good. Saturday worked out just as I planned it. Saving Mr. Banks was great, sadder than I was prepared for, but really well done. After that I went grocery shopping and stopped at Postal Connections. I had lunch with Cathy at a little bar in my neighborhood that serves enormous cheeseburgers. It was great to see her. She’s battling for the second time against ovarian cancer. She’s amazing. From there, it was out to La Mesa to another little bar called Parkway to hang with Cathryn. The sound was weird, but the place was packed and folks were happy. Cathryn was glad to see me so I was happy about that. After that, I grabbed some dinner and came home. I was very tired so couldn’t stay up to watch the men’s Australian Open final.

I watched that on Sunday morning. Congrats to Stan Wawrinka! I almost said ‘little Stan’ but then I remembered that’s he’s 6 feet tall. He doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, he played well against Rafa, and things just kept going his way when Rafa hurt his back. Back to the Grand Slam at Roland Garros in 116 days!

After that I went to Zen Sanctuary for my foot soak. The woman who did it was very nice. It felt great. We also talked about a couple other treatments they offer that I might try. I’m going to talk to my acupuncturist about them and see what she thinks. After that, I stopped by Fresh & Easy for some stuff that only they carry. They have these veggie side dishes that are so tasty and easy. I love having them around for weeknight dinners. Then I went home, had lunch, then I watched Silver Linings Playbook. I had read the book first, and I really liked the book. The screenplay changed some things which I generally dislike. But I could understand why they did it. The outcome ended up being the same, but there were some parts that I knew were different and that would temporarily distract me.

Around 5 pm, I met Lindsay at a cafe I’d never been to before, Cafe Bassam.


We got our drinks and found a table, chatted for about 10 minutes, then were silent for the next three hours. I finished my Unraveling! Better late than never, right? It was great to just have time dedicated to working on something. Lindsay worked on her screenplay. It was awesome. I was still home before 9 pm. I spent the rest of awake time getting the house cleaned up and the office reorganized. I did laundry, the dishes, got a lot of paperwork filed, and watched the Grammys. Honestly, since I’d recorded it, I was glad that I could fast-forward through most of the performances. I also forgot to set it for extra time so I missed the NIN performance at the end. But, for the most part, I wasn’t into it. I liked Willie, Kris, and Merle. Yes, they’re old, they don’t sound like they used to, I think they missed some cues, but goddammit, Willie’s 80! When I saw him last summer, I was a little sad, but also glad. I mean he’s still out there doing it. Kris & Merle, too. I enjoy the song “Get Lucky” but I’ll be damned if I understand the robot schtick. It’s weird. While I kind of enjoyed Kacey Musgraves’ song and was glad to see Taylor Swift lose, I couldn’t get over the electronics on her and her band. It reminded me of The Electric Horseman, and it was weird. I enjoyed Carole King and Sara Bareilles and was mesmerized by P!nk. I watched “Same Love” because I know my sister’s love for Macklemore. I know people who know Mary Lambert. The song was fine. Madonna, not. I thought at first the cane was really for her. Again, just weird. The marriage thing, while I think they meant well, it didn’t really come across very well to me. I was unmoved. I went to bed late, but it was okay.

Monday, I went in early because it’s my day to go to the Cattery. I also called and made appointments with the podiatrist (Thursday) and the dermatologist (2/10). I called the nutritionist but only left a message and they haven’t responded. I’ll try again tomorrow. At the Cattery, there was only one kitty in there. A 5-year-old boy named Mango. I spent an hour with him. He was very sweet. We cuddled, played, and I got the brush out for him.

When I got home, Han was already here and was already back in the studio working! I made dinner and we watched TV. D came by. She has her license now and is enjoying a new sense of freedom. Han was tired and a bit cranky from being on the road. We went to bed early.

Today was fine. Han & I took the rental car back after work, then he had a session so I made a pork tenderloin and watched Friends. And now you’re up to date.


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  1. josefa wann says:

    Hmmm I wonder what happened to the comment I left yesterday? Basically I said I was glad you had a nice weekend, and also glad you made your appointments. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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