since the last time

Sometimes I’m really good at writing my weekly tasks, other times not so much. This past week was the latter.

Since the last time I wrote, it’s been mostly about work. I’ve had to work later than usual. On Thursday night, I attended Elevated! an open mike run by some friends (the guys who have gone on to run the San Diego slam). My friend, Ant Black, was the host that night, and he gave me a very nice introduction. I am repeatedly amazed that they pack the place with paying audience members, not just people who want to get on the mike. Most were good. The feature was a guy named Ed Mabrey who was entertaining enough.

On Friday, we watched some of the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. I am not a fan of Putin, and the stories coming out of Sochi with regard to the rooms etc have been gross and a little scary. The opening ceremony was fine. I thought some of the stuff looked cheap at the beginning, but I loved the floor projection and how the athletes came in from a ramp in the center with their country superimposed on the floor. That was super cool. I also liked the athletic figures that were made of steel and lights that were toward the end of the show. I haven’t watched too  much of the events yet. I do hope it goes forward without incidents.

I did see a Jennifer Lawrence double feature this weekend. Catching Fire on Saturday and American Hustle today. I loved CF. Very exciting action, and it left you wanting more. AH was also good. It was more complex than I had thought it would be. It reminded me of The Departed and Goodfellas. 

Tonight was my writing date with Lindsay. This evening we went to a little coffeehouse/wine bar in Pt. Loma called Reds. Turned out there was an open mic that started at 6 pm. I signed up and did about three poems that I happened to have in my purse. I also finished a new poem and wrote a card. My laptop wasn’t charged so I couldn’t use it so I’m glad I had other things to work on.

This week will see an appointment with a dermatologist and the dentist. Visits to the San Diego poetry slam and Cafe Cabaret. And then this weekend, a trip to visit my parents, as close to their 49th wedding anniversary as I can get.


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