the last week

Last Monday, the company I work for debuted a new commercial on national TV. It gets shown during primetime Olympic coverage so that’s pretty cool. I also went to the dermatologist where they told me they really couldn’t help me. The spot on my toe had been cut out by the podiatrist and the spots on my face were dubbed “barnacles.” Or the other term? Liver spots. Neither are good, but they’re not harmful so I’m going to let them remain. After that, I went to have my teeth cleaned.

That night, I went to the San Diego Poetry Slam. I didn’t stay for the whole thing, but man, they’re good. I just wish there was a bit more diversity in subject matter. There’s a lot of social injustice pieces. And I mean, there’s a lot of social injustice, but that’s not all there is.

Tuesday morning started fine, but then, on my way to work, I got rear-ended. The girl who hit me was young, her boot heel got stuck and she just missed the brake. Her insurance is covering everything. My car is driveable. I’ll probably take it in to get fixed next week. Tuesday evening, I went to Cafe Cabaret, the monthly reading that I’m trying to make my ‘home.’ I really love the host, but the reading itself leans toward the activist/advocate. I’m all for social change, but sometimes I just want to hear some love poems.

On Wednesday I learned that Maggie Estep, THE poetry slam maven of the 90s had died of a heart attack at age 50. If you watched MTV in the early 90s, you probably saw her. Here’s a write-up about her in Rolling Stone. She kept a blog and had written only a couple days before her heart attack. Talk about out of nowhere. It left me in a funk all day.

That night, Han made dinner and we were joined by D. She is thoroughly enjoying having her license, though she is hoping to get a job soon. We had a pleasant evening, grilled steaks and asparagus.

I don’t recall much about Thursday except that I made stuffed sliders, ground beef stuffed with bleu cheese & cream cheese. Wow, they were rich, but good.

Friday was Valentine’s Day. Han & I had agreed not to do anything. The morning was fraught with negativity and the day followed suit. I worked ’til 7 pm then headed up to my parents’ house, a kind of sanctuary for me. The weekend was spent lounging, watching Olympics, playing with the dog, chatting with Mom & Dad, lunch with Mom, taking Dad to dialysis, walking the dog, and shopping with Mom in no particular order. Plus since it was a 3 day weekend, I spent Sunday night there, too.

Today, I left there around noon and headed to Helen Woodward where there were 2 kitties in the Cattery. One of them was a purebred British shorthair named Chloe. I had never seen a cat with her markings before. She was grey and black. A Google search offered up this as the closest thing (I forgot to take a photo of Chloe):

British Shorthair Cat

The other cat was all black and named Butters. She was sweet but she didn’t like any loud or sudden sounds and kept her head buried in the massive scratching tree they have in one of the playrooms. I did somehow lure her out for a while and was able to pet her a bunch, but that was it. On Saturday morning, I am going to be trained to work with the dogs 🙂 The Cattery has been a bit sparse lately so instead of not going, I’ll go and work with the dogs.

I got home and Han had a house full of clients. He started working with a new group. They were doing bass & drums. When they left at 8 pm, another client came in to do bass & drums. The set-up for those is time-consuming so it’s good to get ’em done while they’re here.

I went grocery shopping and made some dinner. Enjoy your week!


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