stormy weekend

The sky to the west has slowly darkened with storm clouds as the afternoon has worn on, so I’m just waiting for more rain. I just heard some thunder so there’s hope!

It rained most of the day yesterday. Unlike many San Diegans, I like days of rain, even with the dumb drivers and the terribly overwrought newscasts. So here’s what’s been happening this past week.

On Monday, I worked with the kitties. Dog training was put off again to next Monday, but as long as there are kitties, it’s fine. Butters was there again, and two new ones from the same home, Meow Meow and Lee Lee or something like that. They were all really great, but they all shed a ton. My clothes were covered in cat hair. That night, I just made myself some pasta and shrimp since Han had a late lunch. I’ve been very diligent about tracking what I’m eating in regards to fiber and calories. The calorie thing is definitely tough, but the fiber thing is not as hard as I thought it would be. All week, I’ve gotten in the fiber range (25-35g), and it’s been by eating food that I actually like!

On Tuesday, I made meatballs with brown gravy served over brown rice (you’ll notice that my weekly recaps in this post will mostly be about food!) By the way, all week, I’ve been working til around 5:30 pm which means I get home around 6 pm, which means there’s not much time to hang or relax when I get home just because I want to eat dinner at a not terribly late hour.

Wednesday was a bit off the regular schedule. It was my friend’s 50th birthday, and we were celebrating by singing karaoke at a bar in La Mesa. Marcia is a good friend, has been the bass player in many a band I’ve loved. Her daughters put together a great party, and it was great to see some friends I just don’t see very much anymore. Oh, and I sang two songs: Son of a Preacher Man and Respect. The folks there, all amazing & talented singers and musicians, all were very complimentary which sure felt good. It was a really fun time, and with the beer I drank and the rolled tacos I ate, well the calorie count was kind of a lost cause. But you can’t deny yourself all the time!

On Thursday, I got a pedicure! I didn’t get polish, I just wanted to be pampered a bit. It’s always interesting how the set-up is for pedicures. Some places have full-on chairs with the soaking tub built in, others just bring a bowl over. This place was the latter. The nice thing though was that the nail lady was not interested in chatting during the pedicure so I got to read a bit (I’ve started over in the Harry Potter series). Meanwhile, Han went to dinner with D, so I had pasta with shrimp again. I found this amazing white fiber pasta that was really good. And because I can have popcorn again, I had some of that. I found some 100 calorie serving bags (microwave) that was way more popcorn than I expected, plus it’s 5g of fiber! Score. I also tried something another friend of mine suggested, I melted a little bit of butter and added sriracha to it and poured it over the popcorn. So good!

Last night, Han had the supergroup over to write and rehearse. I made burritos. Yet another find: whole wheat tortillas that are only 100 calories each and have 8g of fiber! Also yummy! Oh, and here’s one other discovery I made. It’s a website that has so many nutritional breakdowns of foods, it’s made it so easy to figure out the calories I’m ingesting (approximately): Dig it.

Today I thought I would have acupuncture, but I didn’t get the usual ‘see you tomorrow’ text from her, so I texted her about 30 minutes before we were supposed to meet, and she didn’t have the appointment in her calendar 😦 So we rescheduled, and I checked the movie schedule. Today’s viewing (along with a popcorn!) was “12 Years a Slave.” Oh my. I can’t believe shit like that happened. Chiwetel Ejiofor was awesome. Reviews have said it’s “far from comfortable viewing.” That is the truth. It took me the whole movie to realize how he’d even gotten to where he ended up. It shows that I’m too trusting I guess. I’m glad I saw it. I expect it to win some Oscars. So I’ve seen only three of the nine movies up for Best Picture (American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, and 12 Years a Slave). Each actor from those is up for Best Actor. For Best Actress, I’ve only seen the performances of Amy Adams (AH) and Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine). I still think Cate will win. She was absolutely phenomenal in Blue Jasmine.

I have to let you know that since I’ve been writing the rain has starting pouring down, and now the sky to the west has lightened a bit as the sun is starting to go down. I have the kitchen window and the front door open to hear the rain come down. So awesome.

Tomorrow, I will do my grocery shopping for the week. Then Lindsay and I are meeting for our monthly writing date. That’s at 5 pm, so I’ve recorded the Oscars for Han & I to watch when I get home (and hope that he’s done with work). Right now, I’ve got laundry going, Property Brothers on TV, I’m planning on making cashew chicken (cashews!), and settling in to read more about Harry Potter in his first year at Hogwarts. Enjoy!

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