March forth

It’s a directive. It’s also Han’s dad’s birthday.

I didn’t do much marching today. In fact, I had kind of a tough afternoon and morning. I mean, for mornings, it wasn’t terrible. I had to go downtown for a work event. The event was held on the 34th floor of Symphony Towers – great views!


It was a networking-heavy situation, and I am not good at that, and realizing that made me feel a bit inadequate. But I did get to shake Steve Forbes’ hand and hear him speak. So that was pretty cool.

The afternoon brought a meeting with members of my team, my peer, and my boss. It was the kind of meeting that made me wonder what exactly I am doing in the job I’m in. It was one of those times when you stop to consider what else there is, or could be. When you wonder if a change is possible and if so, how soon? And how? I don’t know these answers, and I don’t want to seem ungrateful for my job, because I’m not. But it’s okay to think about what might be next or about what I could be doing now to affect what might be next.

Tonight I made chicken scaloppini from my Cooking Light cookbook. On the side is pan-roasted asparagus and tomatoes. It’s tasty.



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