so much to say

April Fool’s Day was not a good one. I got a call that they needed to see me for a second mammogram. I made an appointment for the next day, 2 hours before I needed to be at the airport. They took different scans than the normal mammogram, then, they told me they wanted to do an ultrasound, so they did. It was a very stressful morning, but thankfully, they gave me an all clear.

That same day (April 1), our housing situation was suddenly in peril. However, after Han did some work over the weekend, a visit from the landlord on 4/11, and some more money, we are good for now. Although the whole situation made Han & I consider the possibility of moving, both the studio and our residence, possibly to new separate locations (if that makes sense). We’ll see what happens.

I went to Austin April 2 and was there until the 7th. It was a great time. The festival I went for was a bit disappointing, but it had its highlights. However, I’ll never regret going just for the chance to hang out with B, to fit into her life for a few days, and to simply be on vacation. We made the most of it, too. One night, we stayed up til 2 am because she wanted to hear me read my poems. I saw her awesome band play at one of the coolest bars in town, the Continental Club. We did a 2 mile walk around Town Lake. We had dinner at Ruth’s Chris. We did another hike to Hamilton Pool Preserve. We ate at Torchy’s Tacos. We went to the Saxon Pub. I read at Strange Brew, one of the hippest new spots in south Austin. We lounged at her house and played with her cat. We ate pizza and drank Coors Lite. We talked about life, word games, and travel. I love her so much. I’m glad it was so easy.

It’s National Poetry Month so I’ve taken on the challenge to write a poem every day. They’re posted on Facebook. I’ve read some of them at readings. They need some time and some attention, but I don’t hate them. I’ve also decided to share a poem every day at work. We have an intranet where anyone can post things for anyone else to read. That’s fun, too, because it allows me to reconnect with many of my favorite poets and share their work with the masses (or at least those who look at what I post!)

This week in particular has been very poetry heavy. Two readings on Sunday, the San Diego Slam finals on Monday, Rebecca’s open reading on Tuesday, tonight an open + feature at Upstart Crow, and tomorrow, Elevated!

Sunday’s readings were at the downtown library for a publication reading of the San Diego Poetry Annual (I have 2 pieces published in it), then I performed as part of the Jeffrey Joe show. It was awesome because many of the folks had no idea I did that kind of thing. They enjoyed it, as did the folks who did know.

Monday, for the slam finals, it was electric. I’m writing a piece for the San Diego Troubadour on the slam so I was taking notes and really into it. The feature was a great poet who I’d never heard of before, Carrie Rudzinski. I asked her if she knew my friend Mindy, I’m not sure why, but her answer was, “She took me to the airport this morning!” There are kindreds out there. I bought one of her books. Good stuff. And good stuff from the folks who became the 2014 San Diego Slam team!

Tuesday at Rebecca’s was fine. There were a lot of people there. I announced the slam team results (no one seemed to care unfortunately), my feature next month at Cafe Cabaret, and my new reading starting next month.

Tonight, I went to Upstart Crow specifically to hear one of the features, Una Nichols Hynum. She is a dear woman, probably in her 70s. I’ve known her about 18 years or so. She is an absolutely stunning poet. She kills me! So good. I read a couple and announced the reading at Java Joe’s starting next month.

Tomorrow night, I’ll go down to Elevated! The slam and Elevated! are much the same crowd, younger, hipper, etc. Rebecca’s draws an interesting crowd. Upstart Crow is a bit older group, more of the kind of reading you expect when you hear ‘poetry reading.’

I’m trying to figure out how I’ll run my reading. I haven’t hosted a reading in so long, it’s really wide open for me.

Let’s see, then on Friday, I’ll drive up to LA to spend the weekend with the folks, along with my aunt Mia who’s visiting from Sweden, my sister, and my nephew! Plus on Sunday, we’ll celebrate my dad’s birthday (which is on the 21st).

It’s been kind of a non-stop month so far. I’ll get some down-time next week which I look forward to, but will also relish every moment until then!


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