coming on 8 weeks

Okay, this vasculitis BS is getting old. I had a couple great days, where I had no new ‘spots,’ was feeling good, then Sunday night, here they come. Today, thighs and stomach are covered in new ones, plus the old ones on my shins/calves are scabbing over, hurt like they’re infected, and just UGH!

Plus on May 29, one of my employees gave his notice. It was completely unexpected. While I was still getting accustomed to that idea, boom, another employee gave her notice a week later. Also completely unexpected. So since December, that’s 3 employees that have left. Not because they were unhappy, but one moved out of state, and these last two were offered other jobs (they weren’t looking) that they couldn’t pass up. So my team that was once 4 people is down to 1. Yikes.

On the upside, this disruption has allowed me & my supervisor to reimagine my team, which is exciting, but the interim between job descriptions, hiring process, and learning curve and now will be tough. This stress level can’t be helping the vasculitis, right?

In other news, on Saturday, I went to a celebration of life for a woman who unfortunately passed away from brain cancer. She was only 57. The service was a mass, and while it was nice, all the religious speech meant absolutely nothing to me. I feel comforted that she was loved in life, cared for in her illness, celebrated as a musician, mother, daughter, teacher, and friend, not that she is now “home with Jesus.” I realize that that thought may comfort some, and that’s fine, but it’s not for me.

The rest of that day was pretty low-key. I napped into the evening, then went to bed early. On Sunday, I had breakfast with a close friend who I hadn’t seen in way too long. We got all caught up over french toast and an omelette. We went to the new Croce’s restaurant that’s in Hillcrest (used to be downtown). While the space itself is fantastic, and the company was obviously wonderful, I was not that impressed with the food (sorry, Ingrid!) It was okay, but when I go to a restaurant, I was great!

Later that day, Han grilled a couple ribeyes that were delicious! The weather has been really great the last couple weeks.

Last night, I went to Cafe Cabaret for the reading. It was a really good one. And I remembered to promote my reading on Sunday, so I think I might get some folks out.

To end this post, I’ll post this photo that I found through a post on FB. I think it’s so dang sweet!



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  1. Mia says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the vasculitis is back 😦 I hope you are under good care! I love that photo of the old man taking out his wife to act like a fairy. We are about to celebrate Midsummer the coming week and it’s practically light 24/7 now 🙂
    Take care! Love you ❤
    Puss och kram
    Aunt Mia

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