welcome summer, #19, World Cup, Wimbeldon, and more

My favorite season is upon us. I wish I could have reveled a bit more in its arrival, but my vasculitis decided to wear me down again on Friday, and Saturday (solstice) I spent mostly in one of my parents’ recliners, which was great, but not a romantic welcoming of summer. Ah well, perhaps I can revel in its days. (The rest of the weekend was good all the way. I like spending time with my folks.)

Last Monday, Tony Gwynn, former baseball player for the San Diego Padres and before that a basketball and baseball player for the San Diego State Aztecs, died. My sister has already written about it. When the news was getting out, she texted me. I had already heard. She told me she had cried at the news and was curious as to why she felt it so much. I have thought about that a lot. Because I cried, too. Not right away (I was at work), but a little bit later (even though still at work), I watched a video the MLB had put together and the tears flowed. I think the reason we both felt it so much was that he was a player for us, for our time as fans. We saw his 3000th hit (on TV, it happened in Montreal), we appreciated him for his play when it was happening. Plus, he was our generation, a bit older than us, but nonetheless, he was our player. And really, because we know people who knew him personally, it’s more real. I met Tony once. It was when Flan was a broadcaster and brought us up to the booth. By that time, Tony was already retired but he was at the ballpark for some reason. I remember shaking his hand and he smiled at me. It was awesome. Thank you, TGwynn, for all the incredible baseball you gave us.

Also happening is the World Cup. The USA team played today against Portugal. They had it wrapped up 2-1 until Ronaldo with seconds left tied the game to leave it as a draw. Stunning heartbreaker for the US, but they’re still in it having beaten Ghana last week. Their next match is Thursday against Germany. Spain, the defending champions, are already out of since they lost their first two matches.

In other sports news, Wimbledon starts tomorrow! The French Open came and went in a blur. I didn’t watch any of it! But Sharapova won the women’s singles and Nadal won the men’s. Good for them! I’m excited for Wimbeldon. The grass, the white playing gear, the tradition. It’s nice.

For the more, as indicated by the post title, my 2nd reading at Java Joe’s went really well! There were around 8 people, and it was all good. My other employee’s last day was Friday so tomorrow will begin a whole new thing that I’m not sure I’m prepared for. My Kindle Fire won’t charge which is a huge bummer. I’ve ordered new charging things from Amazon. Han is about 3 weeks away from going to the UK. I’ve started back with the kitties. They were great! I also took out a little purebred maltese named Luna that was just the sweetest thing!

I also went to acupuncture for the first time since the diagnosis. She suggested I do a radical diet change. She’s acquiring the stuff I need so I haven’t started it yet, but hopefully I’ll see a difference. I’m going to see her again on Saturday.

That’s all for now. Happy summer!

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