Day 4 almost complete

My plan to plan was a bit ill-conceived. But first, the rest of day 3.

I didn’t end up having sliced mango. I actually didn’t have a morning snack. But for lunch, I had the leftover salmon and salad, which was again quite good. I watched the World Cup, congratulations to Germany! I didn’t do much else. My mom took a nap. I did my second concoction.

For dinner, we had cod. Mom found a recipe that was basically spices for the fish. I made the tropical salad, which is avocado, pineapple, mango, mint, and pineapple (or mango) juice. It also calls for celery, but I dislike celery so I skipped it. Dinner was tasty. But by the time I had finished, it was already 7 pm. I showered, got my stuff together, and bid my dear parents farewell at 8 pm, knowing that I still needed to go to the grocery store when I got back to San Diego so I had stuff for Monday.

Now we get into the poor planning phase. My mom & I had talked about getting what I would need for Monday, but when we were putting our list together, I think I just kind of blocked it or figured I’d have enough time. By the time I got home and put my list together, it was a little after 10 pm. Off to the store I went and purchased stuff for probably days 5-7, though I’ll have to re-evaluate tomorrow or Wednesday. I had planned to make potato & green bean salad to take for lunch the next day. But knowing my timing, I knew there would be no way I was going to bake 2 potatoes after the grocery store. So instead I bought the ingredients for the tropical salad and planned to make it in the morning.

The house is in disarray. The bathroom is now a 1-piece. Just the toilet is usable (thankfully!) I tried to unwind and watched a little TV, but soon it was after midnight and I needed to go to bed. Unfortunately, I’m not used to sleeping here by myself and I had trouble getting to sleep. I think I finally starting sleeping soundly around 2 am.

This morning, I resolutely had my PB and made my tropical salad. It was also the first day of 2 scoops of the concoction. But this time, I could mix it with unsweetened apple juice. I bought Tree Top Fresh Pressed 100% apple juice. The only ingredient is apple juice. And it still has 27g of sugar per serving! I checked so many different apple juice products, but this one was the only one that didn’t have any other ingredients. Nothing added. Not from concentrate. Nothing artificial. I didn’t have any other alternatives so I got it. And, boy howdy, was the concoction ever so much tastier! I wouldn’t say I didn’t need the water chaser still, but it went down a lot easier than the previous ones. That was a good thing. I packed up my lunch (tropical salad and bell peppers w/ hummus) and headed to the lab for them to take more blood and urine. Yippee.

Because of the visit to the lab, I had to forego my visit to the kitties this week. But I also knew it would be a long day at work having been out on Friday & that I’d probably be there a while. Which was true, I didn’t leave until 6:15 pm.

But now, I have prepped my mahi mahi using this recipe and am also roasting some asparagus. Leftovers will be the mahi mahi in a salad (no asparagus for 3 days). So all is well except for one thing: more spots. Not many, a few on my legs and arms and the soreness has returned. So I’ll stick with the regimens of the steroid cream and Aleve as well as the cleanse needs.

I’ve got the homerun derby on, and I’ve feeling hopeful.

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