goodbye day 5

Today was the first day of the 2-scoop 4 times regimen. I mixed it, as recommended, with 4 oz apple juice and 4 oz water. I packed my lunch carefully, making sure to take everything I needed. I was feeling good today.

Work went well until about 5 minutes before I left when I hit a button wrong on the Mac and wiped out all my tasks in Outlook. My god, I hope they can restore those suckers! So I called it a day and headed home, ready to watch the MLB all-star game and relax. Not so much.

The bathroom was still being worked on when I got home at 6:20 pm. He said he’d be a little while longer. I couldn’t really relax. There was a poetry reading I could have gone to, but I have not been feeling super poetic, so I went to a movie! Aside from some annoyance from the ticket taker, I made my way in, bypassing the popcorn like a boss.

I saw “Chef.” Aside from having 2 actresses I don’t really like much (Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara), I adored Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo! Plus Dustin Hoffman! Robert Downey, Jr! It was a cute little movie. I’m not a ‘foodie,’ but I love cooking shows so I loved that aspect of it. And I liked Jon’s character a lot, he seemed very real to me, just as Leguizamo and Bobby Cannavale were. I also liked the boy, too, but his character seemed to break slightly (in the story) at one point. I also liked the aspect of the movie that dealt with social media. I think it was done well. I enjoyed it.

After the movie, I talked to my friend, Becky, on the phone, then I came home and cooked. I made cod. I used the same recipe my mom had used over the weekend, just minus the tomatoes. On the side I had steamed broccoli with cajun spice. Again, tasty. I used more spice (quantity) than Mom had used, but I liked it. I’m using the other fillet for my salad for tomorrow (just like I did today with the leftover mahi mahi from last night).

And now it’s 11:30 pm and time to smother my legs with various ointments. Until tomorrow!


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