post cleanse & displaced

It’s Wednesday night. I am 4 days post-cleanse, and I feel like I have been maintaining very well!

On Sunday, I was at Chez Beth all morning (strawberries w/ cinnamon for breakfast), only headed out to do my reading at Java Joe’s, which again was sparsely attended but lively. Before I went to Joe’s, though, I stopped at the house to get some books for the reading. Things seemed quite incomplete. When I told Doug I could stay at Chez Beth for a few more days, he was very happy. I figured if I gave him more time, there might be a chance it will be done by Saturday. After that, I went to El Zarape to order something to take back to the guest house: shrimp burrito, rice, and beans. Delicious! No ill effects either.

Monday, I was up early to go to work by 6:30 am. For breakfast, I got oatmeal from Starbucks. I added in the dried fruit and nuts, plus a little bit of the brown sugar (tasted nasty without it). For lunch, I had hummus with crackers and some pistachios. When the time came, I was headed for the kitties. They were very sweet. There’s one, Lou, who has been there for so long. He is so adorable.

I stopped at the house afterward to get some clothes and stuff. Not much progress from the day before. Sigh.

That night, I took myself out to dinner to Red Lobster. I had the cheddar biscuits (yummy!). I had the salmon and crab. The crab was in some weird sauce. It might have been lobster sauce, but the taste was so strong, I didn’t eat it. But I took out the caesar salad, salmon, wild rice, and asparagus pretty good. A bit of decadence.

Tuesday, it was another early morning because I had scheduled an oil change for my car at 3 pm that day. So in again at 6:30 am with an apple for breakfast. At work, we’ve had a couple interns working. One’s last day is tomorrow (Thursday), and the other one (who works for me) is leaving next Wednesday. A few of us went out to lunch to thank them. We went to Cafe Luna, a nice little Italian place. As much as I was tempted, I stayed away from the pasta, and got a spinach salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, dried cherries, and feta in a balsamic fig vinaigrette. It was good! I ate half of it, and ate the rest of the chicken while I was waiting for my car to get lubed up.

After the oil change, I was kind of at a loss. I knew it would be hot at Chez Beth. It seemed too early for dinner. There were no movies starting at that time (4:30 pm). Every other thought I had of someplace to go or something to do just seemed tedious and unsatisfying. I was pissed. I would have loved to just go home and watch TV, do some laundry, write this blog!

I did end up just going to back to the guest for a couple hours, but I did decide to see a movie later that night. I saw “Wish I Was Here,” and I loved it! I’m not a huge Zach Braff fan, but he was great (aside from, to me, his character changed really quickly at the beginning). I love Kate Hudson. I find her to just be good in everything I’ve seen her in, plus she’s lovely to look at. It was a good one, and helped right my attitude. I did have popcorn at the movie and a big water. I don’t regret it.

After the movie, I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner. It was late, but there’s a Del Taco on the way to Chez Beth. Again, good decisions (not the best but the better than I have been). I got a turkey soft taco (turkey!), a chicken soft taco, and a chicken quesadilla. All good for me. No fries. More water.

Today, for breakfast I had some cinnamon applesauce, then I had to go to the dermatologist to have my stitches out. I had to wait longer than usual but then snip snip and they were out. I asked about my biopsy results. The nurse who took out my stitches wasn’t allowed to discuss them with me but said the doctor would call me today (he didn’t). I’ll call tomorrow.

By the way, since Sunday, I have not had any new spots! The existing places on my legs are still healing, but they’re healing! I’m pretty happy about it, but I’m also knocking on wood.

For lunch, I just had some hummus and crackers.

I worked ’til 6:30 pm, then came by the house to get some more clothes and drop off my dirty laundry. Doug wasn’t here, but the toilet still isn’t in, and it looks like he still has to grout everything. The tub is still pink (it’s going to be refinished). It still needs to be painted. But the tiles are all up and the floor is down. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to sleep here on Friday, then have Saturday to do some chores and clean up before Han arrives.

Now it’s time to decide what to have for dinner (another downside of displacement: not being able to cook). It’s already after 8 pm. Oy!

Until next time!




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  1. mamacita says:

    I was glad to read your blog, and know things are going well, but for the bathroom. Really you shouldn’t be paying a whole month’s rent! what a pain!!! I am happy to hear you are taking care of what you are eating, and, fingers crossed, maybe the spots are calming down. Take care and be patient 🙂 Love you

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