Han’s home & the bathroom is mostly done

I ended up staying at Chez Beth through Saturday morning. I owe her a big bottle of wine! I don’t really remember everything I ate, but it was pretty much the same as other days. Not a lot for lunch, then something for dinner. I think I splurged one night and got rolled tacos.

Oh yeah, I remember. On Thursday, I went to see my friend, Cathy. We had yummy snacks of hummus, goat cheese, and seaweed crackers. Then she made a delicious salad with tuna. Super good.

Friday was the rolled taco night, I’m pretty sure.

Then it was Saturday. Han’s homecoming day! I got to the house around 8:30 am and started laundry. The water was turned on, but the toilet was not usable. Doug came over around 10 am and he and his wife worked on finishing and cleaning up as much as they could. There’s still work to do. Baseboards, painting, sanding and repainting the door, refinishing the tub, etc. Doug said he’d give Jeff a few days to readjust and then would try to work out a schedule with him.

I went grocery shopping, to the post office, and to Goodwill. I cooked some white fiber pasta with turkey & zucchini in marinara. Han’s flight was delayed a couple hours, which was good for me. It gave me more time to get stuff done.

The landlord came by to check out the bathroom with nary a word of thanks or apologies for my patience or having to move out for a week. Sheesh!

But then it was time! I went to the airport and picked up Han! Nearly everything had gone really well! We celebrated with Mexican food which he had missed (another bit of a splurge). We watched a episode or two of The West Wing, then went to bed.

We had a great day on Sunday. First, though, I should let you know that I have begun the oral steroid treatment. I haven’t had any outbreaks of new spots, but there are a few here and there so I just want to wipe it all out, then do the cleanse again about 10 days after I finish the treatment. I hope to be completely done with the cleanse by the first weekend of September.

Anyway, back to our good day. We went to get his money exchanged but decided to go through the bank (he ended up getting the full exchange rate). We went to Target for new bathroom stuff to match the new color scheme, then we went to sushi for lunch.

We came home and watched more West Wing (finished it up! I was a mess!). Around 7 pm, D came over and we went out to eat Indian food. Han took a liking to it in the UK. I had never had it before. We went to a place called Taste of the Himalayas. I got Chicken Chilly. It was spicy (I only got 4 out of 10). Han’s Balti was so spicy (8 of 10) that he couldn’t finish it. D got lamb (2 of 10), and she really enjoyed it. The garlic nan bread was delicious as was this spinach cheese mixture. We’d have it again, but dial down our numbers. It was a great day!

Today, up early to go to work and then to the kitties. It was different today because none of the kitties had had their services. Since I go so late, their services (feather time, TLC, or cuddling) are usually already done for the day so I just do what I want with who I want. But today, I actually had tasks! It was great. Lou is still there, and he will be for another 2 weeks. There were some other kitties, too, but Lou is totally my favorite.

I got home and started on Han’s laundry from the trip. I also roasted some chicken breasts. Han has some clients over, but he’s almost done.


On a sad note, my mom got in touch with me yesterday to let me know that her dear and best friend, N, is in the hospital in ICU due to a brain injury. He was unconscious as of yesterday. What she can gather that happened was that he was doing some work for one of his tenants and fell and hit his head. He was alone, and the police said the 911 call was anonymous. I am so saddened by this turn of events. All of my healing thoughts go to him and to his sister and my mom, I wish them great strength to help him get through this. He’s already battled and beat leukemia. May he pull through this setback just as well.


p.s. Mom – I can’t access your blog for some reason. It says I have to use a different account? I had been signed in with Google in order to leave comments. Not sure what to do?


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