quiet Friday

I’m getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to keep my little streak going.

I saw Han off tonight for a brief trip to Northern CA. Work was kind of hectic today. I left saying I would finish what I didn’t get to tonight, but Candy Crush and shows on my DVR won out.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in as long as I can. I have no plans for the day, which feels so luxurious (though I probably will work a little). I do plan to watch game 2 of the NLDS and hopefully see the Giants take another one. In the evening, I’ll dine with my wonder women. We rarely are able to all get together. I hope all five of us are there, but we may be one shy.

It’s supposed to be in the 90s this weekend, which is stupid hot, especially for October. Maybe I’ll get some sand between my toes?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    Toes in the water/Ass in the sand/Not a worry in the world/A cold beer in my hand/Life is good today/Life is good today – Zac Brown Band !!

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