work, WS, week

It’s been almost a week since I’ve written! Time just flies! Well, over the weekend, I worked. I did get acupuncture, and it was good. I was out almost instantly once she started putting the needles in. So relaxing. I needed it.

Han was gone up to FARWest in Oakland. It went well, and it also didn’t. Long story, but I think he was glad he went.

On Tuesday, the World Series started, and the Giants rolled over the Royals 7-1. It was quite a sight. But then, the next night, the Royals returned the favor, whomping on the Giants 7-2. So it’s back to SF for games 3, 4, and 5 starting tomorrow through Sunday. Wow!

Speaking of this weekend, I’ll be heading up to see my folks, which will be nice. Work continues to be crazy, with no end in sight, especially since my employee leaves next week for a 3-week vacation to Europe. I switch between denial and gumption. Send me strength, people!

There is one good work thing on the horizon. In mid-November, I get to go to Atlanta for a conference. I wanted to go to the same conference last year, but budget was cut and I had to cancel. Well, this year, I’ve got my room and flight already booked, so so far so good!

And of course, next Friday is Halloween, my favorite holiday. I have plans for my costume, but just need to pull it together. If it works, it will be fun!

Oh, and Sandy, in response to your comment on my last post, yes, the Whaley House is open all year. We should definitely do a nighttime tour sometime!

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