civic duty

Han & I spent some time on Sunday night and filled out our ballots. Then, I dropped them off at our polling place this morning. That way we get the sticker!

I think it’s very important to vote. I don’t recall ever missing it since I’ve been old enough to do it. It’s difficult to know all the ins and outs, but it’s important that you try to understand the main issues or players involved. Politics is always a difficult topic, even for those who agree sometimes, but it’s a great thing about our country that the people have the right to cast a ballot.

Today was all about work (what else), but for dinner, I made that chicken sausage soup again. Yum! Last night, I made Swedish meatballs (hi, Mia!). We had them with noodles, but also mashed potatoes and carrots. They were delicious!

Not much else to report for today. Time to watch some election results!


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