umm, so…

Another work bombshell today in the news that my boss’s boss is transitioning into a consultant role, basically stepping away from the business. I worked very closely with this person, and though I appreciate the personal phone call to tell me herself, it’s still a pretty big blow to our world.

I feel strangely invigorated, but it’s also mixed with great apprehension,

I came home and made something new for dinner, easy garlic chicken. It’s chicken that is lightly coated in a mix of garlic, brown sugar, salt, pepper, and various herbs and spices and baked. It just came out of the oven so I haven’t had it yet, but it smells good. I also opened a bottle of wine. 2nd time for that this week.


So the election was a downright thrashing for the Democrats, of which I am one. It’s kind of stunning to me. I mean for Congress having such a low approval rating, most of them getting re-elected doesn’t really seem right, does it? I’ll leave it at that.


In other news, it’s time to start considering the holidays. Did I mention I saw a Christmas commercial before Halloween this year? Ridiculous. Anyway, that means time to consider the family’s holiday musical offering. My part is usually pretty easy, but it still takes time. Han is pretty booked this month so finding that time is tough, plus it’s almost music season!

Speaking of music, on my way home from work today, I chose to listen to my friend, Barbara’s third CD. I only got through 3 songs, but man, they’re so awesome. Her music never fails to make me feel better. Check her out:


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