2015 Word

I’ve just finished the “Find Your Word” exercise from Susannah Conway. It was 5-day email ‘workshop.’ I did all five in about 2 days. It was a good exercise.

My word for this year is EASE. I came to it first from ‘easier’ in that I’d like things to be easier for me this year: work, relationships, finances. But ‘easier’ seemed too passive. I’m not afraid to work for change. I shortened it to ease, not easy. I liked the idea of ease, feeling at ease.

Then, one of the components of the exercise was to look the word up in the dictionary, and there it was: to move or shift with great care. That’s what I need. The metaphor of moving and shifting my outlook, my perspective to the physical act of moving. These all need to be done by me with great care.

The last couple years, with all my good intentions, I’ve been sidelined with anxiety, illness, and feeling burdened. I love the idea of moving forward, but taking my time, easing into it. Additionally, as a noun, it means freedom from things like difficulty, constraint. I could use that in 2015.



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  1. Sandy says:

    Nice! I think EASE is a great word for you. I also love the graphic 🙂

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