come on 3-day weekend!

You know those times when you have a lot going on, but you feel energized and confident and like you can’t lose? Those times are awesome, right? The energy just feeds on itself, and you feel good.

Do you also know those times when you have a lot going on, and as hard as you try, you can’t seem to get to a good point where you feel like you’re not going to implode, explode, or experience any other type of ‘plosion’? Those times are harder, huh? The energy just sucks every little bit out of you.

So guess which kind of week I’ve been having?

The weekend was good. I went to Heather’s before driving up to my folks’ house. I met her sweet little puppy, Duster. So cute. We had dinner at Acapulco which was great. I love her so much. Then I drove up to LM, and it was a nice easy drive. But I was tired when I got there so I chatted with Mom some then went to bed.

On Saturday, I took Dad to dialysis and went to a coffeehouse near the house for a mocha. Not bad. Mom & I went to lunch at the Green Chile, which was good, but not as good as before. I didn’t really love what I ordered. When we got home, I got out my laptop, and Mom & I talked about what I do as my job since she really didn’t know. Since I was working, I was able to show her, even briefly, and explain a bit about what I do. I think she was a bit surprised at the breadth of the work I do. I guess I felt kind of good to show her that I’m not just making shit up when I say I’m busy.

I picked up Dad from dialysis, and we watched some football. For dinner that night, we got Panda Express which was pretty good. On Sunday, I got cinnamon rolls from Polly’s and drove around LM for a bit. It was raining, and I was feeling nostalgic. After breakfast, I helped around the house a bit, and did some more work. Bonus is that they gave me (and Han) their old Vizio TV since ours crapped out. Mom & I loaded it in the car, and I headed south.

Sunday night was okay, pretty mellow. We had Chinese food from our neighborhood restaurant, Mandarin Wok. I love the little lady that works there. She’s so sweet. We watched the Golden Globes. I was glad (and surprised) that The Grand Budapest Hotel won for best comedy. I haven’t seen many of the movies that were nominated. I thought Clooney’s speech was good as well as Kevin Spacey’s.

On Monday, I went to the kitties, but there were only two, and there were hardly any dogs, but I hadn’t gotten there ’til just after 4 pm, so I still had to battle traffic on the way home. For dinner, Han took us out to celebrate D’s graduating. We went to the cutest little Italian place in Pt. Loma called Pomodoro’s. I loved it! Afterwards, we tried a new place that just opened up called Rita’s Custards & Ice. They sell custard, gelato, and Italian ice. I was full so didn’t have any but D & Han said theirs were delicious.

On Tuesday, I went to therapy in the morning. I really like my therapist. He’s a cool dude. That night, Han made another pork roast. It was good. We had it on Hawaiian slider buns, with broccoli and cornbread muffins on the side.

Last night, the thing I had planned to make for dinner they had made for lunch. Oh well, I hadn’t told them anything so it wasn’t their fault. I was driving home, and it was almost 6:30 pm. I couldn’t figure out what I could get at the store to cook so we had sushi. We also have a neighborhood sushi place called Sushi Fish Attack. It’s delicious!

And today. I went to the grocery store at lunch thinking I’d save myself time after work. That only works when you leave at your usual time. Tonight I didn’t leave work until 6:45 pm. Boo hoo. And in case you hadn’t guess yet, I’ve been having one of the harder times described above. At one point today, I was in tears just because everything was taking so long to figure out. Emails whizzing back and forth trying to get consensus on something from legal, trying to appease the client, trying to keep the project manager updated, and all the while trying to make progress on the multitudes of other tasks that are my responsibility. Before I drove home, Han & I texted, and he told me to come home & relax, he was going to Java Joe’s. That was fine with me. I needed some quiet time for my brain. I needed to ease into my evening. So even though when I got home, I began to clean the kitchen, that’s what helped me relax. I needed to take something that was messy, and make it clean. I also started some laundry.

And now, I’ve written this blog post, and I’ll either read a bit or watch some of the shows on the DVR. Good night!


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  1. mama says:

    It actually seems like you had a pretty good week all around doing things you enjoyed, and of course then there is work. So much work! I know I would fail miserably, I’m just not organized or can do things on a schedule! so Kudos to you and Sandy, you both are awesome at your jobs!!! 🙂

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