I see a red door…

I finished my first book of the year last night. It’s called Paint It Black by Janet Fitch. She also wrote White Oleander. The reason I chose to read PiB is because the actress, Amber Tamblyn, who is also a poet and close friends with some of the poets I know, recently announced that she just finished directing the movie based on this book. I wanted to be in the know. 🙂 It’s an interesting story. Set in the early 80s in LA, it’s the story of Josie, a young punk whose boyfriend kills himself. It’s her story of dealing with the aftermath, struggling to understand who he really was, and how she interacts with his family. There’s a lot of story that is all about how Josie is feeling so I’ll be curious how that gets handled in the movie, with a voiceover or not at all. I’m not sure when it comes out, but I’ll be looking for it.

This weekend has been pretty mellow. I feel a little guilty that I haven’t done more work, but I plan to do some today. On Friday, Han had a gig so after work, I went to Target. I came home and had a snack and watched TV. I hadn’t been in the kitchen long but after my snack, I went in to make dinner, and the ants were back! After taking care of them, I made a batch of cashew chicken. The rest of the evening was spent reading.

On Saturday, I had a writing date with Lindsay, but we didn’t do much writing. We hadn’t seen each other since before the holidays, so we took a few hours to talk and catch up. Keeping my friends close is one thing I’m consciously trying to do this year. It was great to hang with her. And the place we met was great, a little coffeehouse in Mission Hills with a tiny balcony over a beautiful canyon. There were hawks in the canyon, and the weather was mild. Lovely. After that, Han & I got sushi and hung out ’til he had to go to his gig. That night for me was more reading, a bowl of pasta, and some TV.

Sunday morning, Barbara and Becky came over for breakfast. That was awesome. We chatted into the afternoon. I love being able to hang with them outside of a music gig. Then, I went to Java Joe’s for my Third Sunday poetry open reading. If you’ve been keeping up, these have not been going well. I had decided that this one would be the last one. I let Joe know when I got there, and he was cool about it. Then, at 2 pm, a couple people came in. It was a girl I used to work with and her mom. They were there to listen. Well. No one else ever showed up. We ended up chatting for a half hour and they left. I looked at Joe and said, “That pretty much sums it up.” You know, you can offer it up, but if no one’s interested, why keep offering? Plus, I was beginning to dread going which is definitely not how I want to feel. So I went home and hung out with Han until, again, he had to leave for his gig. We were watching football. Quite a game with the Seahawks and Packers.

After he left for his gig, I called up my friend, Laurel. We talked for a good hour about how things are going. She lives in Ann Arbor now, she moved there in July. She’s still getting used to it and sometimes feels very homesick. She’s coming out here for a weekend next month so I’ll get to see her if only briefly. After that conversation, I cleaned up the house a bit, and then I went to Han’s gig. This was the third gig night in a row with Flan. This gig was in a church downtown. I totally picked the right gig to attend. It was mellow and sounded great. I got to hang with Barbara a little more, and I finished my book (the excitement of the green room revealed!)

Today is about organizing. There are things to do and work to be done. But I’ll still make it about relaxing, too.


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  1. mama says:

    I enjoy reading about your days, things seem to be going well 🙂 Enjoy!

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