catching up – a top 10 list

Sorry for the time away. So much has happened, and my time has seemed so limited. Here are the top 10 highlights in no particular order.

1. San Diego Adventure Day #2
On February 27, I went to the San Diego Botanic Garden. I had been there once before, but it was for a show and I didn’t get to explore. It was completely wonderful. I haven’t uploaded my photos from my phone yet, but the garden is divided by areas of the world and within each area is planted native plants from that area. It’s hard for me to tell trees and flowers apart, but it was cool to see everything labeled and smell the earth. Plus there were sculptures dotted throughout the gardens. I’d come upon them suddenly. Here are some:

flamenco dancer
flamenco dancer
flamenco dancer #2
flamenco dancer #2

Some were super cool and others not so much. My favorite parts were the succulents:


the herbs, the Mexico area:

Mexican themed topiary
Mexican themed topiary

photo 4 (4) photo 1 (8) photo 2 (8)

the bamboo forest:

bamboo forest
bamboo forest

and the native plants trail:

Native dwelling
Native dwelling

photo 1 (9)

There was one particularly heavenly scent in the subtropical fruit garden. If I remember correctly, it was a honey mandarin tree. Out of this world. It was a really lovely day. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t crowded, and it was one of those days where things worked out. For instance, when I researched the Garden, I saw that there was a discount available from Macy’s. Well, I happened to have a gift card from Macy’s that I’d gotten when I turned 40 (three years ago!). I am not a Macy’s shopper, but I figured, what better time to go since I’ll pick up the discount for my adventure day! When I got there that morning, it was quickly apparent why I’m not a Macy’s shopper. Who the heck pays $200 for a bag? I was astounded. My gift card was for $40. I made my way to housewares where I bought a lovely kitchen rug, a kitchen sponge holder, and a berry colander. When I got to the counter there were some discounts that I wasn’t aware of so it came to some amount less than $40. I was bummed because I didn’t want to have to come back. Then the cashier said, “Would you like the balance in cash?” “Yes,” I said happily! Most stores don’t do that anymore, they just leave the money on the card. So when I got to the Garden, with my discount in hand, the total to enter and park was the exact amount I’d gotten back from my purchase! Yep, it was one of those days.

2. Han’s surprise 45th birthday show
Somehow I managed to plan, organize, and pull off a surprise show for Han at Java Joe’s where a bunch of his friends each played one of his songs in such an order as to tell an abridged annotated story of his life. Gosh, it was awesome. And he was surprised, and very moved. I cried, and I think he did, too. There were folks I wish could have been there, but those who were were beyond wonderful, doing justice to his songs and in for good time all the way. Go here for photos of the evening. A few days later, Han, D & I went out for a nice dinner at Juniper & Ivy. The food, atmosphere, and company were incredible. And yes, I had the yodel again.

3. Mom & Dad’s 50th anniversary
My sister flew in and I drove up to spend a lovely long weekend with the original family. I got a magnificent cake from Extraordinary Desserts. We ate at Black Angus, El Cholo, and had a great barbecue at the house complete with garlic aioli and steaks (we joked that we had steak & beer every day). It sure was a nice time. I love them.

4. New employee!
I finally hired someone who started on March 16. So far it’s going well, and I look forward to a time when he is fully in the groove. I am still working a lot with really no end in sight. We are working on some big stuff.

5. Day trip to Phoenix
For work. We left at 6:30 am and twelve hours later I was back in San Diego. It was a good productive meeting, but I hope not to repeat it. One good thing was lunch at a place called Brio.

6. T’s 17th
My nephew turned 17 this month. He’s become a wonderful young man: smart, loving, respectful. I want nothing but the best for him.

7. Han’s travels
In the course of a week, Han traveled to Phoenix and then to Redding CA each for one gig. That’s a lot of miles! But he said they were both awesome shows (with Flan). Their schedule is pretty full for the rest of the year with festivals and other cool shows. Go got ’em!

8. New dryer
Han & I bought a new dryer because the one that the landlord had in here was kaput. We went ahead and purchased it ourselves. When it comes time to move, we’ll figure out what to tell him. We figured it was a no-win whether we told him or not. But yay for clothes drying with only one round of the dryer! It seriously took about 7 times to dry a small load of towels over the weekend.

9. 20/20
After 14 years, I figured it was time to see an eye doctor again. Not because I’m having any problems, but I just figured, it’s been 14 years, I should probably have them checked! I have 20/20 vision at normal distance. A slight prescription would enhance both near and far distance, but nothing too dramatic. He said I could probably go another two years without having to worry about reading glasses. Thank you, Lasik (and Mom for paying for it!)

10. More doctors
In the next month, I’ll get a mammogram, do the other required lady parts visit, go to the dentist, attend therapy, get acupuncture, and visit the sleep clinic to make sure my machine is calibrated correctly. I’ve never had it checked. It hasn’t been 14 years, but it’s been maybe 10?

That’s a pretty good list, right? I think that’s all for now. I have my next SD Adventure Day this Friday, and I wanted to write before that. Hope you and yours are well.


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  1. mama says:

    YAY! I just love reading about your life and what you have been doing, is fun. You may not write too often but when you do, I feel I catch up with everything! 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    It’s been 14 years since your Lasik procedure? That’s crazy!

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