Good Friday

Traffic was light today. Some people get this day off. Not where I work. But several people did take off early. I was finishing up some stuff and got out of there around 5:20pm. Not terrible.

Tonight is night one of two for the Acoustic Duo’s CD release shows. I’ll be leaving shortly so I don’t have much time for writing. I did want to mention that last night I made stuffed peppers for the first time. They were stuffed with turkey, and they were tasty! I was proud of myself.

On to today’s new draft:

a glimpse of happy

in the corners of my mind
there’s lightness

out of the corner of my eye
there’s movement

in the weight of my steps
there’s a slight spring

in the air of the day
there’s a lilting fragrance

the voice in my head
sings a song

these glimpses of happy
though brief
are enough to get me through


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    I like this!

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