Today I went up to a poetry reading in Escondido to see my friend, Robt, who had a heart attack a couple months ago. It was great to see him. His reading happens the first Sunday of every month, and it draws from the older folks of Escondido. He keeps it going because there’s not much else going on up there, and he wants to keep a connection to the arts. We’ve known each other a long time, and I was glad to see him and see that he’s doing pretty good.

It’s Easter. It’s not news that I’m not very religious. It’s just another day to me. Much of Christian religious holidays stem from formerly pagan days or rituals. Plus the story of a risen god, or resurrection, is part of most religions. And the Easter bunny with its eggs are both symbols of fertility, signs of spring, signs of rebirth. Also, the day of Easter is dependent on the moon which is why it’s never on the same day. It’s kind of a mash up of all kinds of things when it comes right down to it. And don’t forget Passover. Here’s an interesting link I found: http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/05/world/easter-bunny-astronomy/.

Perhaps more importantly, today saw the first games of the Major League Baseball season played. Tomorrow is opening day for most teams, but there were a couple played today. Yay, baseball!

Today’s draft:

Easter Mash-Up

the blood moon marked
these holy days
while eggs & rabbits,
symbols of fertility and new life,
are given as gifts
to celebrate the rebirth
of a god
who died to grant salvation
to others

Easter lilies symbolize purity
while the palm means
rebirth and enduring life

the mash-up of holidays
becomes harder to follow
as the years go on

love each other


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    The Easter Mash-Up was cool. Nice job!

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