There’s nothing like knowing you won’t be able to eat something to make you want to eat ALL OF THE THINGS.

But our juice arrived today, and we start tomorrow. Should be interesting.

I had therapy today, and it was kind of rough. I think I may have realized something today. I’m not ready to talk about it. And may not ever talk about it here. But I hope it will be good. Anyway, it kind of left me in a daze and I was totally unproductive at work, so when Han said the juice had arrived (in 2 huge boxes), I came home to make room in the fridge and to try to relax.

Now, Han is off doing some listening so I’m catching up on work and I’m flipping between two baseball games: Padres vs. Dodgers, and D’backs vs. Giants. Both Padres and Giants are behind. Hope to do a bit more watching/listening to games this season. Padres finally have a decent team, and the Giants, like the Pads before them, seem more like family in an indirect way because of the Flan connection.

today’s draft

Digging for Air

tears came quickly today
the aftermath heavy
like wearing wet wool
into the deep end

if you take the plunge
you have to be ready
for the rush

water covers your ears
so you can’t hear anything
except the ringing echo
of nothingness

your eyes are closed
so you can’t see anything
except the wavy blackness
of isolation

you try to keep your mouth shut
but the act of leaping
makes you scream at the last minute

you forget you can’t swim
and you find yourself clawing
kicking, thrashing
trying to find the surface
escape the nothingness
abandon the isolation

aching for music
yearning for beauty
digging for air

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  1. mama says:

    I hope it helps

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