Juice Cleanse: Day 1

So now that I’ve tried most of the juices, I can tell you that we’re doing the 5-day Fresh Start Program from Suja Juice. I’m 5/6 done with the first day. So far so good, but I must say the 3rd & 4th drinks were tough for me. They’re made with veggies I don’t love (cucumber, carrot), but I did it. The “dinner” drink is made from apples, kale, and lemon. It’s actually pretty good. Neither Han nor I feel hungry which is great. And I have to tell you that it’s a nice change of pace, and kind of a relief, to not have to spend money on groceries or fast food or think about what to have, then make it or go get it.

Had a long day at work. Going to make a real effort to try to balance that out a bit more. Don’t really have too much more to say right now. Go Padres!

today’s draft


a fingertip
a strand of hair
an eyelash
the pinkie toe

ever so slowly
it seems
I may just find
my way out
of this


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