hanging with family

I slept in a bit this morning, which was awesome. Later, my sister & i took our dad to dialysis. When we got back to the house, we watched a bit of the basketball playoffs, then we all went to lunch at El Cholo. Usually I would have had filet mignon tacos, but since I’ve not had red meat in a while, I figured I’d keep it going a bit longer. I had some enchiladas instead, which were okay, though I probably won’t order them again. After lunch, it wasn’t long until it was time to pick up Dad, though he took a little longer today. After we brought him back, I gave him his birthday gift, a deep fryer/stock pot. He seemed pleased with it. Then Sandy & I went to a movie. We saw “The DUFF.” It was a cute high school movie with Mae Whitman, who I’ve always liked. And now we’re back and Sandy & T went to get Chipotle, and I’m writing this entry.

today’s draft


I don’t have occasion to wear many t-shirts
weekends, casual Fridays
but I realized that my favorite t-shirts
are all from Austin

Torchy’s – to honor some of the
greatest tacos and the best queso

Threadgill’s – to have a piece of the
place where Janis got her start

Saxon Pub – or the Saxonian Institute
of Alcoholism. Received as a gift.

Whiskey Sisters – to support and
celebrate my friend’s music

Strange Brew – received as a gift,
to remember where I read at AIPF.

from the first time I visited,
Austin got into my soul
from the bluebonnets to the Shiner
from Town Lake to the capitol
from live music to the music of its legends
this wanna-be Austin girl misses
those Texas nights

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