Sunday driving

Sunday mornings are usually pretty lazy. Sandy & I each took a shower and packed up. Mom made a late breakfast of waffles, bacon, and sausage. Then there were some last minute chores to handle, changing a lightbulb in Dad’s room, putting up the pull-out bed. Then there were some teary goodbyes, and I was driving Sandy & T to the airport. It was a quick drive there. I hugged them and was on my way.

The weekend overall was very good. We celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday (which is actually on Tuesday). He was so happy to have us there. We say it almost every time: we may not do too much, but just being together is what we like.

Han had said he was busy working so there was no need to hurry home. I decided to take the Laguna route and travel down the coast. It was a gorgeous day so it goes without saying that Laguna was packed. I wanted to try to stop at the beach, but there was just no good spot. A little way away from the hustle and bustle, I saw a sign that said “Beach Access and Public Parking.” I turned in and soon realized it was a bad move. It was a small parking lot with only one way out, the way I was coming in. There was a roundabout at the end, and I was halfway around it when everything stopped. I waited there for a few minutes until I noticed that there was nothing in front of the car at the front. Why wasn’t he moving? I did something I normally wouldn’t do. I went to find out what was happening. He said he was waiting for a parking spot. Just sitting there waiting for someone to show up and move. I was astounded. After a little while longer, I managed to get out, but the whole scene made me cranky.

I moved on down the coast, stopping in Dana Point for a splurge of a Coke and some french fries. Yummy! The coast is so lovely. I’m so lucky. I chose not to stop at the beach after all but just seeing the wave crashing, the surfers riding, the stretch of beach going on and on was enough.

Now at home, Han is working away. I’m watching TV and just relaxing, wondering if I should keep the braids in to go to work tomorrow. I didn’t mention that, but my mom braided my hair. I love it when she does that. When I sleep on them, though, it might make my hair too frizzy. We’ll have to see how it goes.

today’s draft

road wisdom

driving south along the Pacific coast
gives my inner dialogue
room to flow

the passing beaches, with
waves crashing ceaselessly,
are a reminder of the constant
flow of life, how time doesn’t
stop, how you can’t go back

former haunts go by
I listen for ghosts to answer
my mind’s questions

hawks, crows, seagulls
swoop on the wake
of the ghosts’ replies
noiseless whispers of wind
that I just can’t quite make out

the wheels’ rhythmic hum
derails my train of thought

cloudless sky silently
oversees every wordless
prayer, every quiet wish
every fervent scream

and the ghosts
usher me forward
ready for my next litany
of questions

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