rainy morning

I went to the store before work today to grab some essentials that we needed. I even threw a load of laundry in before I left. It was rainy all morning which was nice. I had a mostly all day training, but it was actually interesting and informative.

The Blue Apron dinner last night was good. I made triple pork mazeman. Han thought it tasted good, but he is not a big fan of noodles. There are two more meals, but I’m not up for cooking tonight. We’re trying to figure out what we want. I’ll make the other two meals tomorrow while he’s at rehearsal. Tonight he doesn’t have any clients or other work, so we’re going to watch the ball game and hang out a bit. Nice.

I will tell you that a had one of those mini Hershey’s dark chocolate pieces today. It left a bit of a weird aftertaste. I think I’m good for a bit.

I started reading a new book today. It’s one I’d purchased a while ago on my Kindle. It’s called Of Bees and Mist. So far I like it!

today’s draft

Not That, But…

I have never wrestled the wind
but I have bathed in moonlight
gulped down the fragrance of lilacs

I have never slept with an enemy
but I have been betrayed by a smile
deceived with a kiss

I have never angered the sea
but I have lingered over your skin
kept the secrets of your heart

I have never mended a stone
but I have sung to the stars
craved the heat of morning

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