getting ready for another week

It’s Sunday. I started the day at Filter coffeehouse in Hillcrest, meeting with my friend, Lindsay. I had always planned do some work when we got together, and that’s what I did. We were there ’til around 1 pm then I had to get a change of scenery. I bid her farewell, and then tried to decide what to have for lunch and later for diner. I decided against El Zarape because there was no parking. I also decided against Siesel’s because I didn’t feel like a sandwich. I came home and made some popcorn, then got some laundry going. Then I got back to work for a while. Han is off at more gigs today: a set at ArtWalk then a gig up in Fallbrook. I need to go to the grocery store, but my head is hurting bad. My allergies/sinuses are rebelling. With the rain and wind the last couple days, lots of crap is in the air and it’s getting to me today.

I just realized I never told you about the other 2 Blue Apron dinners. I made them. There was the piri piri chicken and a spring fennel casserole. I did not care for either of them much. Han ate the chicken, and he also ate the casserole for lunch the next day. We cancelled the delivery for this week. I’ll have to check what’s scheduled for next week and decide what we want to do.

What’s coming up this week? Tomorrow night, I plan to go see the San Diego slam finals to see who will make up the SD team to go to Nationals. On Thursday, Barbara’s coming to town, and we’ll go out to dinner with some other friends. Friday, I’ll probably go see Flan’s show in El Cajon, then Saturday, I’ll head up to LA to see a reading at the Getty Villa. Fun!

today’s draft

what to do, what to do

there are dishes to be washed
there are beds to be made
there is dinner to prepare
there is work to be done
there is always work to be done

but balance is needed
it’s hard to achieve sometimes
even on the best days


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