Last day of April

Hooray! I did it! I posted every day, and every day I wrote a little something. Some were better than others. I’m very surprised by the reaction I got to yesterday’s poem. It was really nice what everyone said and those who liked it, too. It’s funny how something I just kind of pumped out would garner such a reaction. But I’m glad I’ve written these pieces, even the haiku.

The highlight of my work day was the sandwich I had at lunch so that should tell you something. But let me tell you about this sandwich! A nice roll, not too hard, not too soft. Spread both sides with aioli, then avocado on one side, red onions on the other, add feta cheese to both sides, then cover both sides with a slice of provolone. Put that under a broiler so it melts, then add cold, crispy lettuce. Oh my goodness, so yummy!

I got home and had just missed Barbara in the studio. I hung with Han for a bit and we chatted about stuff. Then I was off to meet The Becky and Barbara for dinner. The original plan was Benihana, but we hadn’t made reservations and there wasn’t room for us. We ended up at a little kitschy place called Albie’s Beef Inn. It had wood paneling and those mirrors with the gold swirls running through them. It seemed a bit overpriced for steaks, and it didn’t seem like the kind of place that was going to be super stellar food. I got a burger, which was okay. Barbara’s steak was good. The fries were good, and that was about it. The Becky had chicken-fried steak that she said was fine. Anyway, it was the pleasure of the company that made it great. It was nice to catch up with them both and just hang out.

When I got home, Han was busy in the studio with Poltz and one Mr. AJ Croce. Wow. Really cool stuff they’re doing.

I will make no promises for May, but I have enjoyed the daily updating as I know my family has also. 🙂

And with that, I’ll leave with today’s draft

Daily Poetry

observation is a mighty tool
or it’s like a muscle
that requires constant work to build up

when you don’t work on it
its power fades
and it seems harder to bring it back
to peak condition

some muscles might not work as well
as you get older
it’s a challenge to even want to do it
to get even a semblance
of what it once was back again

but once you get into a routine
you might think it will get easier
for some it might, others may
want to take on a different challenge
work some other muscle

goodness knows there’s so many
that we all could stand to work on


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    I loved reading about you every day!

  2. Mia says:

    I sure have loved reading every day but I know how hard it is to write that often.
    I hope you all continue writing because I feel like I’m with you though far apart.
    Love you all.

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