San Diego Adventure Day #5 – Old Mission Dam

Hello from the ether ~ I am either all or nothing round here, eh?

My adventure day actually took place on Friday. It’s been overcast the last week or so. My mom had picked two adventures out of the glass jar, one for May and one for June since I won’t see her or Dad until after the June adventure day. I decided to do the 2nd adventure she pulled for May because of the weather. And it was the Old Mission Dam.

I left around 10:30 and drove out to Mission Trails Regional Park, another place I didn’t even know existed. It’s so amazing! Lots of trails through Mission Valley and beyond. Very cool. I parked and started walking toward the dam. It started to rain a bit but not much so I trudged on.

The dam a historial landmark, and it’s right at the start of the trail. It was so beautiful. Read here for some history. Here are some pics.

Old MIssion Dam      Old MIssion Dam    Old MIssion Dam

You can walk right up on it, these stones that were placed there over 200 years ago. It boggles my mind! From there, I went hiking. Thankfully I had brought water. It was glorious to be out in nature, and it was so interesting to be so close to civilization yet feel so far away. That’s my kind of hiking. Here’s another pic:

MTRP hike

I was able to hike up to an overlook of the dam. Really cool:

Overlook of Old Mission Dam    Overlook of Old MIssion Dam

Finally, here are a couple more scenic pics:

clouds    MTRP hike

I was out there for a couple hours. Good news, I got all my active minutes and over 8,000 steps that day!

After the hike, I decided to take in a movie. I chose to see Pitch Perfect 2. I thought it was fine. Some nice surprises, David Cross hosting the ‘riff-off’ and the prominent scene featuring “We Belong,” written by a couple LA songwriters I know. May the royalties be grand! There was a theater employee who was kind of a dick, but I did my best to not let him ruin my afternoon.

After the movie, I went home. Han had already left for a gig. I decided to check on something at work that other people needed to do (scheduling the social posts for the long weekend). They hadn’t done it. The next half hour was spent trying to track down people who had left early for the holiday weekend to do their jobs. It was really annoying, and it put me in a bad mood the rest of the evening. 😦  I ended up going to bed around 9:30 pm.

Speaking of going to bed…I got a new sleep machine! And it is awesome. I got a new mask that just goes up my nostrils. Sounds weird, but it’s way better! There’s also a humidifier in the machine so my allergies are a lot better too. Love it!

On Saturday, I didn’t do much of anything. I had acupuncture which was awesome. Han had clients over. I think I made meatballs for dinner in a yummy/odd sauce of ketchup, honey, soy sauce, and garlic. Han went out to watch some friends play. I went to bed before he got home.

On Sunday, I went back out to Mission Trails Regional Park – a different area than before and hiked. There was a big hill that had me sucking wind, but I did it. Not as many steps, but the active minutes got checked off. The rest of the day, I just hung out. Han had to go listening. He brought back some Mexican food and we watched The West Wing.

Today, I’ve been working, catching up from being out on Friday. Some friends were over to work on a project this morning. Now Han is out at another friends’ place. I cooked up some pasta with turkey to take for lunches this week, and I cut up a yummy ripe cantaloupe. I have a plan for dinner, but I have to say I’m not feeling quite up to it anymore. I’ll wait to hear from Han.

Here’s to more active minutes!


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  1. Looks very nice and quiet, good place to go for a hike, I’m glad you enjoyed it . And is great your new machine is awesome!!!

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