and the rain came down

With it getting darker earlier now, I was surprised when I looked up around 5 pm to see that it had started raining. Ii thought it was just dark, but it was dark and cloudy. Yay! It finally felt like fall today. I even had to close the windows in the house!

Today was pretty mellow. Monday. Cloudy. After work, I stopped at the grocery store then came home and made dinner. I was telling my sister that when I make dinner, I rarely have any. It’s so odd. I take a few bites, but that’s usually enough. My eating habits are all out of whack still. Nothing ever sounds good (except stuff I can’t have, meaning it’s 14 1/2 hours away by plane). And when I do eat, I don’t really think about whether it’s “good” for me. I just eat it (it’s usually not good for me).

Han was working ’til about 9 pm, so I started to watch a new show, “Parenthood.” I watched it when it was on network TV, but with Netflix, there are no commercials. It’s awesome. I finished “Gilmore Girls,” (I have a thing for Lauren Graham), and I watched the first season of “American Horror Story.” Netflix and Hulu can be good if you find something you like. It’s hard for me because I’m never really sure what I’m looking for. I’m glad I landed on “Parenthood.”

That was pretty much the evening!

In the morning, I’ll go to therapy, then go to work. Another person put in their notice today. I was just at another guy’s farewell happy hour last week. Then I heard about another guy, not in my department, but someone who’s helped us out a ton. Some tough times but also exciting times. My boss has some cool stuff he’s trying to do and he’s relying on me to be an integral part.

I can’t help but think of my word that I came up with for this year: ease. I think I’ve kept to it, though I’ll be honest that I haven’t called upon it much, either from not remembering it or just not being mindful. I think in a way it gave me an excuse, or a pass, to let things go. I guess for the good and maybe for the bad, too, like not dealing with things as they come up. It’s nearing the time to start looking ahead to 2016, but not quite yet.


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