This afternoon, an angry man with a long-range rifle went to an apartment on the 6th floor of a building under the flight path of incoming airplanes to San Diego. He called his wife/girlfriend and told him he was there. She called police. When police arrived, the man shot at the police, and they returned fire. He stayed locked up in the apartment for 5 hours while everything shut down around him: streets were closed, incoming flights were canceled, delayed, or diverted, some neighbors were evacuated.

There’s eerie film of this man with his face covered at the window and then kind of leaning out of it. Police threw in tear gas and waited him out. He finally did surrender. No one was hurt.

Later that afternoon, and I don’t have much information about this incident, police shot a man who, apparently was running away from them. This incident occurred in Pacific Beach. Still later, a woman barricaded herself in her apartment, and was in another stand-off with police. I read that she just gave herself up to them. They’re saying that it’s related to the incident with the guy who was killed.

My god. What the hell is going on today?

Not to mention the guy up in Merced who stabbed people at the UC up there. Some days, the world is just one big scary place.


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