Ghost Adventures, John Lennon, & other Saturday happenings

I just got done live-tweeting through the last episode of the show “Ghost Adventures” with Sandy & La. That was really fun! I love that show. For all the ways it could be faked to believing that what they experience is really happening, I just dig it. I’m a total believer in the paranormal. It was fun to tweet with them (and the many other people watching) as we watched.

This day has been pretty good. I got up and took my dad to dialysis. Mom & I went to lunch at a place in Brea called ChaCha’s that has some tapas-like food. Their potatoes are the best! I also had clams with chorizo. Very good. We also both had sangria. We stopped at the grocery store, then it was time for me to get Dad.

He, unfortunately, had some issues after dialysis so Mom helped him out. The late afternoon was very quiet.

We had dinner from Gondola’s, a pizza place that’s been here for years, but I’d never eaten from there. It was pretty good. I had spaghetti w/ garlic & butter. I enjoy noodles. I also ordered a heaping ton of garlic breadsticks. I didn’t know I’d ordered a heaping ton until we opened the box. There was a lot of ’em! They were good, though. And then of course it was time for GA.

In other news, I don’t think I’ve told this story here so I’ll sum up (it’s a good story, and it’s well-documented). A guy I know, John McCaw, unknowingly purchased a guitar back in the late 60s that turned out to be John Lennon’s lost guitar (!) Well, it was auctioned off today, and it sold for $2.4 million. Holy moly. I honestly can’t believe it. That guitar was in my house! Before the news was released, they brought it over and recorded “Norwegian Wood.” It’s a record-breaking, life-changing amount. I believe I read that John gets to keep half of the sale and the other half goes to Yoko who is putting it into her foundation. My oh my.

I’ll leave you on that happy little note!


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