day off = lazy Lizzie

I slept in until 8:30 am, which is big for me. I squandered the entire morning in my pajamas watching “Parenthood.” Around noon, I offered to Han that I could go get some lunch. We tried a new place (to us), Wei Wei Asian Express. It was super good. I had the honey walnut shrimp lunch special that came with an egg roll. We also had cream cheese wontons.We hung out for a bit, then I helped him get ready for his trip and watched more episodes.

We left around 6 pm to get the rental car. Here’s how it works: I drop him off to get the car, then we meet up in the cell phone lot to unload his gear from my car to the rental. Then I go home, and he heads north. He has gigs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

My friends, The Lovebirds, have a gig tonight, but I am in full hermit mode now. It’s just past 8 pm, and I’m thinking of putting my jammies back on and getting into bed. Maybe I’ll pull up a Ghost Adventures episode on my computer and watch from my bed.


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  1. Jesska says:

    Hermit mode is familiar 🙂

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