Saturday laze

I just read Sandy’s post for tonight, and I’m with her. I was mostly a couch potato today. And for me, when I’m not doing much, it makes me want to eat.all.of.the.things.

I puttered around until 11:30 am when it was time to take Han to get his rental car. Then we came back, and I got out my laptop. I did work, but come to find out that the software app I was using wasn’t saving all the stuff I was doing. That was a huge drag.

Han left around 4:30 pm. He’ll be back Monday night probably. Until then I’d just had a couple things: some dry roasted peanuts, some mozzarella/prosciutto roll-ups. I made some pasta and had a butter, garlic, blue cheese, and tomato sauce. Then I had some ice cream. It doesn’t sound like a ton, I guess, but I’m super full.

So that’s it. I worked (double since I had to go back and re-do a bunch of stuff) and I marathoned through a bunch of “Parenthood” episodes. But I’m with Sandy that I have to get out and walk tomorrow. It’s supposed to be really nice again (got up to 90 here today).


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