beautiful Sunday

I got up around 9:30 am and decided to go for a walk before I could get myself distracted by the TV or work. My neighborhood has these “secret” sidewalks. There are 8 of them. I tried looking for them before but only found 2 even though I’d looked at the map of them and everything.

Now that I’ve been here a little longer, the map wasn’t as unfamiliar. I went to 5 of them today. After 4 of them, I’d only walked a mile so I went to the other close one to my house and back which was a half mile total. So I didn’t walk real far, but it was strenuous because it was hilly. For you FitBitters out there, do you think it’s better to get your 30 active minutes or your step goal? I had around 40 active minutes so I was happy with that.

It was simply a gorgeous day. Sunny, breezy, warm. I came home and opened all the doors and windows. I put on shorts. It was great. The rest of the day was spent very casually, mixing chores with work and relaxing. I didn’t even get in my car.

My sister called, and we talked for a while, which was awesome. She had gone for a walk, too. 🙂

Short work week coming up and the last few weeks of the year. Let’s do this!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Fitbitter here! Ideally, I like to get both my step goal and my activity goal, but I’m happy to achieve any goal 🙂

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