simple pleasure Monday

I’m stealing this title from my sister. She’s been posting little highlights every Monday for the past couple weeks. Since I didn’t know what to write about tonight, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Looking back on my day, I’ll tell you what occurred to me as my simple pleasure: mochas. I’ve gotten into a bit of a habit where I get to work around 7 am, then I walk to the coffee bar at work (Refresh Coffee). Sometimes by myself, sometimes with a co-worker or two. There are three buildings where I work. I work in the southernmost building, and the coffee place (it’s not a cart, but it’s not a building – it’s a tented semi-permanent structure) is on the other end of the buildings It’s not a long walk, but it gets me outside and gets some steps in. I get a mocha and walk back to my office.

This morning, as I was working, I’d take sips of my tasty hot beverage, and I was pleased. It’s a nice start to my day. It definitely helps me get going in the morning.


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