baking, anxiety, Trainwreck

It’s holiday week. Tomorrow at work, we’re having a potluck. It seems like it’s going to be kind of skimpy this year since we have fewer people, and some of the people will be on vacation.

This year, I signed up for desserts. So today I made a pumpkin pie and chocolate chip applesauce cookies. I also made a meatloaf for Han to have while I’m gone.

He got back today, and I went down to meet him at the rental car place around noon. We had to unload all the gear from the rental into my car before he returned it. We met in the cell phone lot near the airport (we rent the car from the Avis at the airport). It was crazy busy, and it made me extremely anxious.

I came home instead of driving back up to work, but I brought my laptop and did some work here as I baked. I really enjoy baking. I don’t tackle anything too taxing, but I always make pretty good cookies. I think the pie came out pretty good, too. I’ll have to stop for whipped cream on my way in to work since I forgot it at the store.

Tonight, Han & I watched “Trainwreck,” the Amy Schumer movie. I enjoyed it. It was graphic and vulgar in parts and incredibly sweet and believable in others. I like her a lot, and the movie reinforced it which was a good thing!

After the movie, I cleaned up the kitchen from the afternoon of baking.

Did I mention that there’s a house in the neighborhood that is already decorated for Christmas? And two (2!) radio stations that are playing holiday music 24/7. Too soon, people!

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  1. Sandy says:

    I like the results of baking but I don’t really care for the process. I prefer to cook because I can add a little of this and some of that even though it might not be in the recipe. When you bake you have to measure carefully and pay attention. I liked Trainwreck too. Imagine watching it with your 17 year old son sitting next to you. Awkward in some places!

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