Never been a big holiday for my family. We rarely, especially since me & Sandy have grown up, have a ‘traditional’ meal. Today, we had grilled steak with potatoes, plus alioli & bread. It was really good. For dessert, chocolate pudding with whipped cream. For lunch, Mom made pan con tomate and we put jamon serrano on top. There was also chips & guacamole, patatas con alioli, and chips & spinach dip. All yummy!

I took Dad to dialysis this morning. The bummer was he hurt his back again, pretty much just as it was starting to be pain-free. He wasn’t feeling very good all day.

After I got back, I turned on the TV and watched a bit of the parade, but it was lame, but then I found “The Godfather,” which seemed pretty perfect.

This holiday, obviously, is meant for giving thanks and being grateful. I am grateful for many things in my life. Not the least of which is being able to spend time with my parents.

Tonight, Mom & I hung out in her room for a couple hours and talked about movies, organization, and when it’s okay to throw things away or donate them.

I hope Dad’s back gets to feeling better.

Tomorrow, I’ll head back to San Diego, but I’m coming back up here when Sandy & T come to visit in a couple weeks. Fun!


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  1. mama says:

    I was so happy you were here with us 🙂

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